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Body20 EMS Training

Technology Training for a Results Driven Workout™

Achieve Your Fitness Goals In Less Time*

Target your training efforts, accurately measure results and boost your performance.

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

  • Reduce body weight*
  • Reduce body fat*
  • Target problem areas and increase metabolism*

Tone Up
Tone Up

  • Tone your triceps, chest and upper body*
  • Get a flat stomach*
  • Firm thighs and bottom*

Build Muscle
Build Muscle

  • Use up to 30% more muscles with EMS training*
  • Recruit more muscle fibers with intense, deep contractions*
  • Achieve optimal fiber-type ratio*

Target Cellulite
Target Cellulite

  • Effectively reduce orange peel effect*
  • Improve circulation and skin tone*


Are You Ready To Transform Your Body?


  • An InBody Consultation - Will enable you to accurately track your results.
  • Technology Driven Training Session - Cardio & Strength Training.

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What our amazing members have to say

  • Body20 is one of the most amazing training programs I’ve ever worked with. I enjoy every second of my weekly 20 minutes of Body20 and this technology gives you the BEST results you could ever ask for!
    Rachelle Havenga
    Rachelle Havenga, Multiple fitness and bikini winner in SA
  • In the short period of time I've been working out at Body20 (about 5 weeks), I've really experienced excellent results, both in terms of increased muscle and similar decreases in body fat. I've continued my normal workouts, substituting 1 or 2 days per week for Body20 versus just hitting the gym. I've changed nothing else.
    Carl Berkelhammer
    Carl Berkelhammer, Body20 Member
  • My main reason for starting was my core, I was about to pay for liposuction. After doing Body20 for a few months, I have noticed a huge difference in my core and lower back strength. Seeing how I have had 4 kids, it wasn't always easy to replicate that in a conventional gym. I have also seen a big improvement in the reduction of my cellulite! I am a huge advocate for body20.
    Flor Gastelum
    Flor Gastelum, Body20 Member
  • All serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts should try it out. It is unique functional training that can't be replicated. You'll be feeling it for days!
    Eric Saenz
    Eric Saenz, Body20 Member

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