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Get yourself trained and qualified in EMS Technology Driven Training.

Body20 is a leading EMS Technology Training network with a fast-growing national presence and is leading the revolution in the most exciting fitness movement this decade. With fast growth comes an opportunity for new skills to be developed and there is a growing demand for skilled and experienced EMS Technology trainers in the country. Body20 Academy has been created to help meet the demand for the Body20 network of franchises.

Body20 Academy offers an opportunity for youthful, positive and motivated individuals to acquire the necessary skills and experience to be able to offer qualified EMS Technology training services to the market place. Put yourself ahead of the curve in the job market and make yourself highly employable. Sign up for Body20 Champ Academy today, get certified and float yourself to potential employers today.

Body20 Academy

Benefits of Attending The Body20 Academy

  • Build Relevant Skills
  • Grow Yourself
  • Theory & Practical
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Employment Opportunity

Build Relevant Skills

The main advantage of attending the Body20 training course is that you will learn how to differentiate yourself in the very competitive health and fitness industry by being a leader in a totally new fitness concept, Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS.

Grow Yourself

During the Body20 Academy, you will not only acquire skills in how to use and apply EMS technology in the marketplace but you will also learn about new progressive business, marketing and sales techniques you can take on yourself and leverage in the marketing of your own personal brand.

Theory & Practical

The training material covers a healthy mixture of science theory, customer experience marketing, sales methodology, and practical training application. After 4 days you will be ready to rock the EMS world!

Networking Opportunity

Body20 Academy runs it’s Champ training course alongside its new franchisee induction course which means you will be rubbing shoulders with new franchise business owners as well as other go-getters from the fitness industry. Perfect opportunity to make new connections.

Employment Opportunity

Body20 employs the latest technology to help automate tasks and allows the studio to focus on what really matters: delivering an outstanding experience to the Body20 customer.

We use advanced CRM, sales, invoicing and collection tools amongst others. These tools give you the edge over the competition and allow for powerful reporting to help you manage your Body20 franchise.


Fill in the application form at the bottom of this page. Once approved, slot yourself into a 3 day Body20 champ program. You’ll receive a certificate in Body20 EMS Technology Driven training and then we float you to our franchise network for employment or use the skill elsewhere to advance your career.

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