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West Clint Moore, Boca Raton

Nicholes Lentz & Claudia Bartra
Tel: 561 617 5106
9704 Clint Moore Road, Unit A110, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Nick and Claudia Lentz

Welcome to Body20 West Clint Moore Florida. We are at technology driven personal training boutique fitness studio. Our focus is for you to not just reach, but breakthrough your fitness goals at same time concentrate on overall wellness.

Our studio provides a fitness workout for all levels of athletes, from the client who knows nothing to the professional athlete.

We look forward to your decision to wanting to make a change in your life, and are honored to give you a results driven, full body workout in 20 minutes.

Come in for your free Inbody assessment and 12 minute full body workout, with a Body20 trainer today.

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